Cotswold Beer Adventures

Our History

Cotswold Beer Adventures started out as a group of friends walking to their local pub. With an ambition to enjoy the rich diversity of hostelries across the Cotswolds the concept of the 'beer adventure' was born. The principle still remains the same today as did 5 years ago  - a great day out with friends, beer and food!

Pubs, Hotels and Breweries

We don't just look for the award winning pubs to add to our walks. We include a variety of stops from traditional boozers to boutique hotels to pubs with micro breweries. This is what makes our walks interesting and fun, A Cotswold Beer Adventure should be a blend of convivial atmospheres, well brewed beer, excellent food and of course set within the backdrop of the beautiful Cotswolds

More than a pub walk

Most pub walks you'll find online are essentially a walk to a pub. At Cotswold Beer adventures we have combined the concept of a pub crawl with a good hike (or ramble). With an hour or so between each pub and some sensible moderation of beer intake no one should be falling around by the end of the day. That is definitely not what we are about!

For those concerned with beer calorie intake during the walk we have actually done some extensive non scientific or proven research and we believe it's possible to have a calorie deficit at the end of the day.

Here are the somewhat shaky facts:

6 pints of beer/lager/cider contain 1500 calories and will take approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes of hiking to burn off. Most of our walks involve 3 or 4 pubs and 4 or 5 hours walking. The figures speak for themselves. It's possible to actually lose weight on a Cotswold Beer Adventure!

The Cotswolds - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Our Beer Adventure trails will take you through quintessential Cotswold villages of honey-coloured stone with their friendly Inns and Hotels. You will walk through beautiful rolling landscapes, historic trails, wooded valleys and open pasture. This easily accessible beautiful english region runs through five counties – Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire – and offers a variety of walks that are enhanced by visiting one or two agreeable watering holes.