Our adventurers

Despite some appalling direction from our nominated navigator we enjoyed a great day out. The pubs ranged from good to great. It was a challenge as there were more pubs than we had ever managed in a single jaunt, but hey, pushing the limits is what athletes do?


Andy C, Regular beer adventurer

I love a good walk, I mean I really love it to the point where I can't sit still once that leash is moved. I don't quite see the point of having to stop every mile or so to sit, chat and drink. I'd far rather be sniffing out rabbits or rolling in fox poo. Having said that most pubs we stopped in were dog friendly with water bowls available which was very welcome. I even spotted a jar of dog biscuits on one bar counter, now that's my kind of pub!

Scruff , Office junior @CBA


The promise of a pint of Budding and a pizza at Stroud Brewery was enough for me to lace up my boots and join the Golden Valley walk. Despite a morning of rain our spirits rose once we arrived at the Weighbridge Inn. From there on in, the pubs came thick and fast. A great day out!

George, Student and real ale aficionado

I've signed up to a number of Cotswold Beer Adventures over the years and actually suggested a number of pubs to be included in the longer routes. It's always a good day out but if you're planning to do a full day make sure you don't bring along any light weights. A full-day beer adventure is a marathon not a sprint, no man gets left behind so you certainly don't want to be carrying anybody from the third pub in!


Eddie, MD - King Construction